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Information on the village of Sprouston, near Kelso in Scotland.

March Days - Reddenburn and Haddenstank

In the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries, during those periods when Scotland and England were technically at peace, there was an arrangement whereby representatives of the Scottish and English Wardens of the March would meet to thrash out any cross-border grievances.

The meeting place for the East March was either Reddenburn or Haddenstank. This meeting place was close to the border, but in a situation where, despite promises of safe passage to the meetings, there was little chance of ambush.

The Middle March Wardens met at Moorhouselaw (near Maxton) and the West March Wardens at Lochmabenstane.

Meetings are recorded at Reddenburn in 1245 and 1246 when Scottish and English knights failed to agree on the boundary between Carham Land and Hadden Land. Other meetings are recorded in 1426, 1429, 1434, 1484 and it is evident that meetings went on in an attempt to sort out various cross-border disputes throughout this period. Meetings at Haddenstank are recorded in 1398, 1404, 1409 and 1454.

These meetings must not be thought of as being of minor importance, as many were held on command of the two kings, who themselves had matters of concern raised and thrashed out at these March Days, regarding the breaking of agreements and restitution, alleged piracy, murder and cross-border plundering. The reports of all of these meetings remain in the official records of the Royal Households of both Scotland and England.

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