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Information on the village of Sprouston, near Kelso in Scotland.

John Thomson

John Thomson was the son of Dr Andrew Thomson, Minister of Sprouston from 1802 until he moved to Perth in 1808, and on to New Greyfriars Church in 1810 and St George's in June 1814, where he gained his renown as a thinker and adminstrator as well as a Parish minister to his flock.

Born on the 28th October 1805 at Sprouston, John grew up and was educated in Edinburgh, where he made the acquaintance of Mendelssohn during his visit to Edinburgh in 1829, and this meeting led to a friendship which introduced John to the musical talent of Germany and Leipzig, in particular, at this time.. By then John was showing the developing talent as a composer which grew during his all too short life, which he was able to develop during studies in Leipzig under Schnyder von Wartensee, and through acquaintance with Schumann, Moscheles and other musicians of note.

In October 1839 he was elected the first Reid Professor at Edinburgh University, giving the inaugural Reid Concert on 12 February 1841.

He died on 6th May 1841.

Short though his life was, he left behind a catalogue of work much of which has lain unperformed until now.

There is to be a Bicentennial Festival of his work on 28th - 30th October in Sprouston Church and the Tait Hall Kelso.

Full details of this event can be found at

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